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Happy Friday, one and all! Tickets are still available for the New York Food & Wine Festival's Sweet event hosted by Duff. The party is Saturday October 10th at la.venue (608 W 28th Street) and the champagne and chocolate will be flowing from 9 until midnight! This will be Duff's third year hosting Sweet and he swears it's the best party of the year. A little birdy told me that perhaps Geof and myself will also be there, but you didn't... Read on

Tweets, Doodles, Gonzofest and Puppies

Well hello, my little birds! Big news - we are finally on Twitter! We've been asked many times when we're going to get on the bandwagon and create a Twitter account.  We've just starting posting, so make sure to put us on your follow list - we'll be updating a lot with pictures of cakes in progress, behind-the-scenes antics, and opinion polls. Our user name is @charm_citycakes - follow us! Fan Art of the Week This week's... Read on

We're baaaa-aaaack!

Happy Friday, Kids! We're back from break and back to cakes and back to shooting (season 8!) and rocking and rolling and feeling great. Wow. That was way rhymey.   Ace of Cakes: The Book We are very excited to announce that Ace of Cakes: The Book is on its way! This book has been a LONG time coming (work was started on it nearly two years ago) but the finished product is really, really cool. The official release date... Read on

Dog Stars and Dog Days of Summer

Howdy ho, my little birds. New Ace of Cakes A new episode of the world's favorite Baltimore-based cake show airs tonight at 10PM. I am very excited to announce tonight's ep marks the television debut of my sweet dog, Dexter...AND the return of Geof and Jess's seasoned canine TV star, Cotton. There will also be two cakes with Italian themes and a Star Wars cake. Needless to say, it should be a pretty rad episode. I can say no more, but... Read on

Threadcakes Winners Announced!

After a truly painfully arduous judging experience (seriously, it made my tummy hurt), the Threadcakes cake competition winners have finally been announced! Congratulations to all the contestants - each cake was a winner in its own way, for real.  I am so amazed at all of the cakes, and the prize winners are truly spectacular. They are gorgeous. Can't wait for next year's contest! xoxo, Mary Alice Read on

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