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Events and Costume Awesomeness

Greetings and salutations, my little birds.  We are truly living la vida loca these days. With our book now on the shelves, Duff has been traveling like a crazy man all across the country for book signings and fun events. The decorators have been creating some pretty spectacular cakes, and our Ace of Cakes crew is here filming it all for Season 8 of the show (which is set to premiere on Thursday, January 14th). 

Here's the lowdown of this week's happenings!

Geof will be making two solo appearances this week.

Thursday, November 12 at the University of Louisville, he'll be doing a decorating demonstration at the SAC Multipurpose room at 7:00 PM. 

Friday, November 13 at the grand opening of the Giant Eagle Market Robinson store he'll be giving a talk and demo from 11am - 1pm. 100 Settlers Ridge Center Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15205.

Duff and I will be heading West this weekend for Iowa's Premier Wine & Food Expo. He'll be doing some decorating demonstrations and I'll be providing color commentary, as well as several meet & greets.

CCC Halloween Costume Extranvaganza!
I asked for you guys to send us any CCC-inspired Halloween costumes and boy, did you deliver. I can't believe all the adorable and hilarious get-ups folks came up with. Here's the cream of the crop:

7-Year old Eva as Duff - we got to meet Eva in Pittsburgh this past weekend,  and she's even cuter in person!

Sara and Shawn as Mary Alice and Duff - with little Lillian (who was born on Halloween last year!) as the world's cutest cake

Jared from Manhattan Beach, California as Duff

Analise as Duff and her sister Olivia as a cupcake!

10-year-old Annabelle as Duff

Karyn and Bart as (a very eyebrow-heavy) Duff and slice of cake

Alan and Barbara as Duff and Mary Alice

Karyn as Anna! (Anna was so totally thrilled!)

Hope you're all having a really wonderful week and if you're in our neck of the woods, enjoying this gorgeous Autumn weather. More soon!


Mary Alice

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