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Cross Stitching, American History, and Elvis (what?)

Happy Holidays, Kiddies! We are knee-deep in a festive frenzy here at Charm City Cakes. Tree selection, hay riding, carol singing, donning now our gay apparel, and the like.We hope all your holidays are extra joyous and fantastic this year. Giving Credit Where Credit is Due ! Last night was a repeat of last year's holiday Ace of Cakes episode, which featured Mary Smith's painstaking and amazing replica of a Christmas stocking that... Read on

Events and Costume Awesomeness

Greetings and salutations, my little birds.  We are truly living la vida loca these days. With our book now on the shelves, Duff has been traveling like a crazy man all across the country for book signings and fun events. The decorators have been creating some pretty spectacular cakes, and our Ace of Cakes crew is here filming it all for Season 8 of the show (which is set to premiere on Thursday, January 14th).  ... Read on

A Day of Epic Proportions

Man alive - yesterday was out of this world awesome. Hard to pack it all into one blog post. Jewel Visits! First, we were thrilled to have the super talented and amazingly beautiful JEWEL come visit us here at the bakery. She kicked off her latest tour last night in Baltimore, and came by to make a cake with Duff and sing us a song. It was so incredible - if you think she's got a gorgeous voice on her albums, hearing it live in front... Read on

Book Mania!

Good Monday, my little birds! Let me be the first to say WHEW! We are having some pretty indescribably insane weeks here at the magic cake factory. Our book came out last week and it's been a whirlwind of events and huge cake orders and late late nights for our intrepid decorators. Atomic Books Event Tomorrow (Tuesday) night pretty much every last one of us will be meeting, greeting, and signing our book at our favorite book store,... Read on

Dogs, Frogs, and Wrecks

Happy Hump Day, my little birds. Sorry about the radio silence - things are really hopping here on Remington Avenue these days and I barely have time to think. We are in the thick of wedding season in Baltimore, as well as shooting season 8 of Ace of Cakes, and it seems like every week there is a bigger, crazier,  more challenging-than-ever project for the decorators.   Fan Art of the Week This week's fan art is from... Read on

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