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Break me off a piece of that football cream

Huge news! Apparently we played an integral part in the cake decisions for Andy and Angela's wedding . Does this mean I am on the Party Planning Committee? HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRL? We've got a mystery on our hands and I am hoping you might be able to help. About 2 years ago we made this fantastic KISS-Themed cake for an adorable 4 year old named Haley. Her parents sent us this fantastic picture of her enjoying her cake: I need to... Read on

West Coast Rumors and Last Week's Coolest Cake

Hi Kids, Let me take this opportunity to clear up something. Last week's Ace of Cakes featured a trip that Duff and I went on to investigate the possibility of opening up an additional shop in California. The two key words here, folks, are INVESTIGATE and POSSIBILITY . We do not have an LA Bakery. We are nowhere near even making a decision about an LA Bakery. We are in Baltimore, as we always have been, and as of right now,... Read on

Mornin', Gub-Nah!

Happy Thursday, Kids! Duff had a swell time at last weekend's NYC Food & Wine Festival's Sweet Event. Don't believe me? Submitted as exhibit A: Pretty girls + Chocolate = Happy Duff. You can see more of the event and an interview with our fearless leader here . This weekend Duff will be at the Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival . If you're in the neighborhood, come say hello! I want to give a special shout out to our... Read on

Sweet, dude.

Happy Friday from your pals in Baltimore! Duff is currently running around like a chicken with his head cut off packing up to get on the road to New York City (!) for the NYC Food & Wine Festival.   Duff will be hosting the SWEET event tomorrow night, with the world's most gorgeous and delicious desserts, champagne, cheese, and vodka. I totally wish I could go! I wish you could too, but as of now, it's sold out. Since the... Read on

Important Message from Your Pals at CCC

Hey you. Yeah, YOU! Are you registered to vote yet? If not, you may not have much time to do so. Please click here to register or to check your registration status . We're not telling you who to vote for, we're telling you to VOTE. If you do not vote, you have absolutely no right to complain about anything. If you do not vote, we think you are so totally uncool. If you do not vote, then you are not our friend.   Seriously.... Read on

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